Gustozo! Gabriella Castellari came to play and get wild. She hailed straight from Sao Paolo city. We ran across her while she was carrying around nine groceries by herself. In awe of how hot this babe was we offered our help and she was eternally grateful, she took our number down and a few weeks later she gave us a call. She sounded hella seductive and horny asking if we wanted to chill. We shot her the address and she was here within the with the freakiest booty shorts I’ve seen in a while. I greeted her in and it was history from there. After some posing in her booty shorts and heels, she strips down and gets a dildo to play with. After penetrating herself and sucking on the dildo, she goes for the real thing and starts with a blowjob that includes deepthroating. He returns the favor by performing cunnilingus on her, then she gets penetrated in different positions including cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, side missionary, side, and doggy before he pulls out and cums on her backside.

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