Sometimes “slaves” out there get confused. You think you are a “slave” when really you just want your fetish fulfilled. You know what REAL slavery is? Doing WHATEVER you are told by your GODDESS- no matter how boring or mundane it is. As long as it makes Goddess happy and makes Goddess’s life easier- that is ALL that matters to a real slave. And you will even make her life easier for her AND her boyfriend if told to!

So that is what this clip is about. I borrowed these slaves from Mean Girl Manor to work for me and my BF because we just felt like it was beneath us to do something like painting. Especially when there is real, free slave labor out there for superior people like us to use! So I put these bitches to work painting our apartment. No joke. And of course I had to film some of it for my new store. Funny thing is, they spent all day painting, and all I did was pop my head in from time to time to check on their progress and laugh at them! (The clip is only the parts where I am checking on them. But you can see the progress these losers are making on the walls for me as the clip progresses.)

Of course I am a kind Goddess (sometimes) so I allowed them to grovel at my feet at the end once their work was done. Oh, and fair warning- they were working for me AND my man while we made out on the couch in the other room, so I made them literally bow down and kiss HIS shoes too at the end and thank us BOTH as a couple for using them as our slave labor! After all, a superior hot couple such as us shouldn’t have to do any of that kind of manual work ourselves! That’s what REAL slaves are for!

True “behind-the-scenes” Fact: None of this is on the video, but Me n my Man were in the other room literally laughing out loud about how these 2 losers were locked away in that tiny room inhaling noxious fumes all afternoon while we were relaxing and breathing fresh air! Haha




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