Said Brazzers product director Mario Nardstein in a statement: “The ZZ Halftime show is a fan-based initiative to thank both NFL and loyal Brazzers fans with free content during the Super Bowl. So, if you can’t score with Coldplay, at least you can score with Brazzers.”
Almost as soon as halftime began and the Brazzers show went live, there were couples—men and women, and women and women, and women and women with men—engaging in oral sex and hardcore intercourse, as the host of the show sought commentary from the topless porn stars who were watching nearby.

But the halftime show really picked up steam when the hostess began interviewing the porn stars while they were having sex while giving shoutouts to Twitter users who requested the stars to scream their names while in the throes of faux-ecstasy. The scene contains some girl/girl pussy licking and some male/female fucking and sucking.

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