Hula hoops and big asses are a seriously amazing combination. This sexy combo is in full display when you get Harley Jade to do a little hoopin’. We were supposed to start filming outside, but as I was returning with camera in hand I found Harley stretching out and doing some hula hoops. It wasn’t even supposed to be part of the update, good thing someone left it outside. After her quads and hamstrings stretch it was time for Mr. Jones to stretch out that sweet 20 year old pussy of Ms. Jade. Of course with an ass as big as Harley’s, doggystyle was the preferred method of insertion. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t the one behind the camera…this was one of those times. After some stretching and hula hoop action outside, the real action begin indoors when Harley has her breasts and butt fondled, then she gives him a blowjob which includes deepthroating. She mounts him to begin intercourse where they go through different positions including cowgirl, side, reverse cowgirl, missionary, spoon, and doggy which leads to a facial.

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