Superstar Kagney Lin Karter is a nymphomaniac, and one of her very favorite thing to do is hook up with “randoms”, and the more random the dudes are, the more our sex bunny loves it. For some sluts, a “random” means meeting them at a bar, learning their name, and then fucking in the car put in the back parking lot. Kagney doesn’t want to know names, what they do for a living, or anything else…all she cares about is a hard dick. What better place to find one than in an old-school, adult video arcade, where the action is cruisy (even when management plasters signs all over the place prohibiting cruising) and the sex is 100% anonymous. Kagney reaches the back room and begin masturbating until the cock appears through the gloryhole. She gives it a blowjob which includes some deepthroating, then backs herself on it to be penetrated. After a while, she sucks and strokes the cock until she gets an oral cumshot that she swallows.




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