Lucia Nieto wants to expand her horizons, so she decides to take some flamenco lessons! At first, to me, she seemed like one of those reclusive locas that never gets any dick. It didn’t take long for her to confirm that. After about 3 steps into it, she cries about how she likes dancing that’s more fun, something more like dirty dancing… She gives a super seductive striptease then literally started rubbing her bare ass on her dance instructors cock. The raging hard dick made it seem like although this was unexpected, might as well turn a leccion into a fiesta! She bounced on his dick so right for so long that his load of leche was ready for her dirty little mouth. She had no problem guzzling it down like a 16oz chelada. Featured positions include standing doggy, doggy, reverse cowgirl, missionary, cowgirl, and jockey.





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