Lyra is a sweet girl who happens to live across the street from famous actor, Rob. Her friends are big fans, and when they come up with a plan to break into his house while he is away on business to steal some celebrity memorabilia, they are shocked when he comes home unexpectedly. With the threat of the cops at her doorstep, Lyra decides there is only one thing that will save their skin. As she slips out of her shirt to show him her hot young body, he thinks there may just be another way to put this right – and Lyra will make sure that his every sexual wish is granted. Is she ready to take what’s on the cards? He slaps her ass and she gives him a blowjob with deep throat and handjob. Then he penetrates her in different positions, including doggystyle, from behind, missionary, cowgirl, until he gives her a pussy creampie.




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