Mea is tending to her household duties and finds a toy under the coffee table as she is cleaning it. She decides to take a break and begin sucking on the toy and playing with her breasts. She removes her shorts and plays with her clit while sucking the toy once more, then penetrates herself with it. She gets on the table and continues using the toy along with more pussy play which causes a great deal of squirting. The owner of the home catches her and soon the two are kissing, then she gives him a blowjob that includes some deepthroating. He penetrates in different positions with plenty of oral action in between positions, including reverse cowgirl, missionary, cowgirl, spread, Viennese Oyster, side, and spoon. After the intercourse, Mea cradles his cock with her feet, and uses them along with her hands and mouth to bring him to a cumshot.





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