Josie and Missa are passing notes in class, Missa thinks the teacher is so fucking hot. Josie looks at her with those goody good eyes and mouths the word, “stop.” Missa giggles. The class bell dismisses the class and the teacher asks Missa and Josie to stay after class. He asks Missa to wait outside and tells Josie that the trick to her becoming successful in life is to loosen up, to take control of her life, live to the fullest. “Mom says I’m just a late bloomer,” Josette expains to her teacher, “and hey– I know I’m not that uptight, I got a tattoo, no one will see but me, but that alone expains that I’m not uptight.” The teacher exhales deeply and explains his deep desire to help her out of her shell that will surely hold her back in life, he says with concern, “I have a relaxation technique, Missa probably told you about it, it worked wonders for her, it only takes a second to learn.” Josie looks confused, Missa never said a word, and she would have they tell each other everything! Josie accepts to try his technique, especially since he promises not to tell her parents she was passing notes in class if she agrees. She brushes her hair to the front, as he instructs, her neck is exposed, he slides on an electrical panel that latches onto her skin like a leech. “Oh!” She begins to breathe heavy, she sweats, she feels something messing with the circuitry of her body, her brain is fuzzy, her veins burn like fire, and then she regains focus. “What’s happening to me,” she whimpers, “I’m so hot.” He instructs her to take off her jacket, she obeys, and then her skirt, she looks at him in horror. She stands up and begins to take off her skirt, “no man has seen me with my skirt off.. I will not.. I can not..” she grunts and whimpers as her body obeys his wishes. He orders him to give him a lap dance and she gives him the lap dance of his dreams. Her young body pressed closely against his, he looks at her in awe as she wiggles around like a professional stripper. He carries her to the desk and opens a desk drawer where a series of menacing sex toys, oils, and vibrators are packed in tightly. He makes his selection. He will have her orgasming, again and again. Is she a virgin, he wonders? He takes his thick cock out and paints her slit up and down, testing the opening of her pussy, “mmm.. tight. I love virgin pussy,” he eases himself into her and she cries out in pain and pleasure. He fucks her, deep and cums inside of her. The more she orgams, the deeper in control she becomes. When he has exploded his hot cum inside of her, she organs yet again, she slips her fingers between her legs as he says, “bring Missa in. You want to watch me fuck your hot friend, don’t you?” Josette robotically answers, “Yes Master, please fuck both of us, fill us up with your cum. Anything for you master.” He smiles, he always wins.

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