Miss Missa X – Nocturnal Emissions

Brianne Blu cursed by an old Gypsy, three nights, three growths, each one bigger and more aggressive, three cumsplosions.Brianne is the daughter of the owner of Morty Mortgage’s, and has to deal with the dirty business of all her father’s clients. She hears the intercom call her, it’s Grizelda again. Brianne rolls her eyes, “send her in.” The old woman, hunched over from age, hobbles into Brianne’s office. “Ma’am, I’ve told you all the information that you need to know over the phone, there is nothing I can do.” The old woman explains that she needs just thirty more days to make her mortgage payment. Brianne breathes in deeply, “with all due respect, ma’am, you said that last month,” she continues with condescension, “how a mortgage works is: you want a house, we give you a loan, you agree to pay every month, when you don’t, we take the house.” Brianne smiles smugly, “it’s SIMPLE.” The old lady presses her thin wrinkly lips together and sneers “curse, curse, CURSE,” she throws her mortgage papers at Brianne. Brianne ducks her head for cover, “do I need to call security?” The old lady hobbles to the door at a quicker speed and slams it shut. Brianne huffs, “I do not get paid enough for this.”Brianne’s on the phone with her best friend recalling the absurdity of the day. Brianne’s friend laughs at her. Brianne ends the conversation in a hurry, she is overwhelmed with exhaustion. She doesn’t turn off the lights, she closes her eyes and thinks to herself, “drats.. I forgot to take off my make-up.” The transformation begins to take place when the moon is highest in the sky. It begins…

She sweats and begins to have a nightmare. The old woman is in her mind with her horrid wrinkly face, sneering at her, waving her cane at her. Brianne’s clit begins to swell, grow, grow, and Brianne feels something is wrong. In Brianne’s dream the old woman’s white hair turns to gray, then peppered with beautiful chocolate brown, rich and youthful. The old woman’s wrinkles dissipate, and she takes off her blouse, her tits are sagging and hideous, but then.. they begin to lift and became full, luscious with rosy nipples. Brianne begins to buck her hips, up and down, her clit is longer, thicker, and growing, ripping her pants. The old woman is now younger, beautiful, but her beautiful face has an angry expression, she lifts up her long skirt to reveal perfectly slender legs. Brianne’s clit-cock begins to moisten, pre-cum pours out of the tip. The Gypsy woman open her legs to reveal her gorgeous pussy, Brianne’s eyes are focused on her. Brianne is a straight woman, she’s never been attracted to women, but she sees the Gypsy in a new light, the woman is her own age now, and she wants her, she wants to touch her so badly. Brianne cums hard, soaking her sheets in cum. It’s morning, the alarm clock demands Brianne wake up. Brianne slaps the annoying beeping off and looks down, her pants are gone, they are on the floor in tatters. She is covered in a milky white juice. Brianne thinks the old woman slipped something, possibly in her coffee on the desk? “Did I urinate myself,” she shrugs the idea off and goes to work.That night Brianne deliberately leaves the lights on. She’s had odd visions all day, hallucinations, something is wrong with her mind. The Gypsy appears everywhere, in her car, spitting on her as she sits down at her office, she is haunted by the old woman, not the younger Goddess that appeared in her dreams, but the spiteful mean old hag that sneered “curse.” The word “curse” is haunting her. She lays in bed, fully clothed, she will not shut her eyes. Brianne has a plan, “I will stay awake and see the doctor first thing in the morning.” Exhaustion takes over her body and she falls asleep as fast as she did the previous night. The youthful gypsy comes to her again, and Brianne remembers the dream, she furrows her brow and wills herself to wake up. She can not. It’s impossible. The Gypsy woman seduces her, roughly grabbing Brianne’s breasts, pinching her nipples and kissing Bri’s mouth. Brianne is turned on by the aggressive seduction and she begins to sweat, her pussy salivates. The Gypsy kisses her mouth, her tongue dances around Brianne’s as she fingers Brianne, the Gypsy purrs, “I want to fuck your cunt.” Brianne is both disturbed and aroused at the Gypsy’s vulgar words and her clit grows thicker than before, taller, more erect. The head of Brianne’s cock throbs until it is three feet tall. The Gypsy climbs on top of the bed and presses her youthful body against Brianne’s, shifting her skirt up to meet Brianne’s pussy, and they run their pussies together. Brianne’s cock begins to cum, all over her bare breasts, face, soaking the bed, the floor. Brianne’s body trembles with the most intense orgasm she has experienced in her life. The alarm clock goes off, and Brianne slaps it off, just as before. She hears the old lady cackling in her mind. She looks down and sees a more horrific scene than before. She is covered with dried cum. The sheets have been ruined. Brianne knows she has been cursed by the Gypsy, it’s REAL!Brianne goes to the old lady’s foreclosed home, but it’s vacant. The home appears that it’s been vacant for a long time now. There are even cobwebs in the doorways and ceilings. “Hello?” She hears an echo of her own voice. A chill runs down her spine and she hurries back to work. She tries to call the old lady, no answer, it’s as if she disappeared. Brianne is overcome with feelings of remorse, “I didn’t mean to.. I should have given her more time.. I could have..” Brianne shakes off the uncomfortable thought and goes home early. She calls her best friend. Her best friend thinks that she’s imagining things, and she just needs to get laid. “How about my friend, Jeremy?” Brianne smiles, maybe she’s right.. maybe this is all some sort of bizarre mind fuck. Brianne shuts off her lamp and rests her head on the pillow. She falls asleep.The old woman comes to her once more as a gorgeous Gypsy. Brianne wills herself to speak to her, “PLEASE, please.. have mercy.. please.. don’t make me cum again.” The woman begins to dance for her, her perfect midriff is adorned with a gold chains, her fingers caress Brianne’s face, and the woman whispers “curse.” Brianne begins to turn in the sheets, she’s sweating, horrified. The woman kisses her. Brianne lips feel her electric tongue pass through and intermingle with her’s. Brianne opens her legs, she can’t help herself. She must feel a tremendous orgasm once more. A tear goes down Brianne’s cheek, she is ashamed to feel so aroused by a witch, a con artist, someone so similar to herself. She gives into the growth, accepts it, and the growth comes larger, more intense than it has before. Her clit cock grows thick and tall, 6′ tall, almost touching the vaulted ceilings. She allows the Gypsy to seduce her and she cums hard, covering the entire room in hot cum, her whole body experiencing the throes of her orgasm. Brianne’s alarm wakes her up, she smiles. “It wasn’t so scary..” Brianne looks down, a massive flaccid cock lies between her legs. Her eyes go wide with horror. Her hand trembles as she touches it, the cock begins to grow erect, once again. It is now a part of her forever, this is her curse




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