Brianne’s having a sleepover with her bestie, Arianne. They’re being naughty tonight, drinking wine and online shopping. Brianne Blu’s pervy step brother has been lurking around her bedroom door. Brianne rolls her pretty blue eyes, “I know he’s just trying to get a peek at you,” she tells her hot girlfriend, Arianne. *knock, knock* Brianne’s brother pokes his head in the doorway, “I need to tell you ‘sumpthin.” Brianne takes off her slipper and chucks it at the boy, “leave us alone, dweeb.”

He insists on telling her that he just got off the phone with their parents and they will be staying at the resort until Monday. Brianne is thrilled, “this means we get another 5 days to ourselves!” Arianne’s eyes light up, they both think they should have a party. “I’ll invite the guys,” Arianne says.

“Uh.. no, no, no,” Brianne’s brother interrupts, “it’ll be like a sausage fest in here, ladies only.” Brianne snaps, “you won’t tell us who to have over,” but the boy rubs his hands together, he has a plan. He blackmails Brianne and her girlfriend into allowing him to try out his latest mesmerizing trick. Brianne allows him to try it out, even though Arianne is nervous, “just five minutes, and then you’ve got to leave us alone.” Brianne comforts Arianne, “it’s not gonna work anyway, don’t worry.”

The girls are taken deep under a spell, deep into their subconscious. Their eyes roll in the back of their heads, they begin to answer orders from the boy, even calling him “Master.” The boy can’t believe it’s working, and pushes them to go farther and farther. He has both girls competing for his cum, bobbing up and down on his throbbing cock. They both desperately want his cum, “do you like this, Master?” Their eyes stare dreamily up at him as he plays with their hair, guiding them up and down his shaft. He cums deep into his step-sister’s mouth and she smiles in a daze at him, she feeds it to her hot, cum hungry friend, and some of his load dribbles on to her perfect D cup breasts. The girls belong to him, they are his own personal sex toys. Isn’t this every boy’s fantasy?”

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