My Mom is so fucking hot. She tries to be such a proper Mommy when we’re out in public, pulling her raven black hair into a bun, keeping her shapely legs covered in trousers, and her breasts covered in tight turtleneck sweaters. She’s a totally different woman at home, strutting around in lingerie, wearing heels, and passing by my room all the time to hassle me about this and that.

My mom is always on my dick about my robots, and I’ve got to think that maybe she wants my dick? She’s too proper to admit it, but why is she all over my nuts and not my brother’s? I proved my theory to be true this morning. I caught her eyes when she passed my room, this time wearing slutty satin panties, heels, some lacy thing that hugged her tits like a dream, and the highest heels. My heart jumped when I saw her, I had just got done fucking the neighbor girl that I turned two months ago. Did she see? Oh fuck.. she knows I build robots as a hobby, she thinks they are mannequins, but if she saw the neighbor she might connect the dots and turn me in! I know she loves me, but does she love me enough to keep quiet about my living dolls?

I come downstairs and she is making breakfast. Mom can’t cook for shit, I think, as she rails me about how messy I am. She then asks if I’ve seen the neighbor girl, “you know who I mean, the blonde with the massive rack?” My heart sank, she knows? I put my hand in my pocket and feel the remote chip, waiting for the right moment to sink it into her skin. I watch over her body, as her lips move, I nod my head to satisfy her as I think about a strategy plan. She will need to become my fuck doll to control her completely, but how to I get the chip.. Ah hah! I know my mother better than anyone and she is obsessed with jewelry. I tell her that I have a gift for her.

“You have a gift for me, darling?” She thinks the microchip is a sort of bracelet, but the chain is missing. I step in and interrupt, “it’s an Ion pendant for your forehead, Mom, it’s trendy right now.” Her eyes light up with enthusiasm, she loves to be the first of her friends to have trendy things. She puts it to her forehead and immediately feels it as it sinks deeper, deeper into her skin. The numbing properties are released and makes her tingle, starting from her forehead, and the relaxing tingle spreads over her entire body. Her balance is affected, I smile as I take out my remote control. I press the “arousal” button and a soft moan escapes from her lips. The human light behind her eyes begins to turn, and she begins to rub her breasts, her pussy. I lean in and wait for her to reveal her gorgeous tits, but she snaps out of the trance.

Strong women take longer to turn, and I should have figured that Mom wasn’t going to spread for me easily. She tries to pour a glass of orange juice for me, takes out my plate for breakfast, and shakes off the bizarre thought that she was rubbing herself in front of her son. I press the button again, and watch Mom saunter over to me slowly, her eyes fixed on my own, and she jumps onto the counter top. “Your wish is my command, master.” She shows me her breasts, one by one, she parts her panties to show me her perfect pink pussy. I shift my cock in my pants as I watch her in awe. The first fuck on a turned woman is the sweetest, and it’s been my dirty little fantasy to fuck my mother. I then see the human light returning to her doll eyes, and fuck– she’s not ready yet.

“Grab my phone,” she tells me. She thinks that she is unwell and wants to speak to a doctor. I sigh in relief that her phone is not near her as I hammer the button on the remote, my arm is outstretched and I am close to her. I want the signal to take 100% this time. I’m so turned on, and I want to take over her body. I need her to be mine.

When I have turned my Mom. I watch her rub her pussy until she’s wet, her green eyes fixated on mine. She alternates between son and master when she begs for my cock. I know she’s ready for me and I enter her, her body shakes robotically, her voice begins to fade into that of a robot’s. Her wet pussy squeezes my cock tightly as I allow her to feel pleasure from the sex. I cum inside of her. She will clean up and join my sex doll collection.”

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