Mommy has no idea that her son has perfected a mind altering device that will control her movements and sound via remote control. It’s the perfect way to take a strict, nagging mother, into a cum hungry bitch, well… almost perfect. The remote control has a little trouble switching her mind to “cum hungry bitch” mode and he slowly alters her mind. She first loses her inability to speak without yipping, she then loses control of her human urges, she is brought to her knees, and becomes insatiably horny and hungry for her son’s cum.

Her son fucks her deep, hard, and Mommy’s blue eyes beg for more as he pulls her hair. He thrusts while he looks at her feminine face and cums deep inside of her. He snaps her out of the trance as she wonders why she is nude, and what is this hot white fluid running out of her?

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