Prelude: Jennifer Smith was ran off the road by her competitive co-worker who has been vying for head reporter at the Channel 6 News Station. Jennifer lost a lot of b.l.ood and doctors have been giving her daily transfusions until she is well enough to go back home. Her family has installed a medical table for her to rest on while she is home. Jennifer Walters hates being stalled, her focus is her job, and secretely revenge against the woman who caused her accident.

Jennifer waits until the Dr. is out of her room to make her escape, she puts on her coat, and heels, no time to get dressed! She grabs one of the chrome insulated canisters that the doctor uses for her transfusions and she sneaks out the back door of the hospital. She has successfully escaped!

Jennifer enters the bedroom where her family has conveniently set up her hospital bed. They’ve even installed an overhead light in preparations for her ‘at home transfusions.’ She breathes in and out deeply, her mind on her job, revenge, and deeply angry with her colleague. She dresses in her professional reporter dress in a hurry. Her cell phone rings, she sees it’s the hospital, she considers letting it go to voicemail, but then answers it. The doctor begs her to come back to the hospital, she refuses, she must get back to work. “I’m feeling fine,” she explains, “I grabbed the transfusion canister and syringes from the back, I will do it myself.” The Dr. is concerned that she grabbed the wrong canister. “Oh Jennifer, you grabbed the canister that we are using to test lab rats with, the gamma infused bl.oo.d transfusions!” Jennifer rolls her eyes dismissively, “Gamma what? Listen.. you doctors can be so technical, I’ll be fine. I’ve seen you do it dozens of time. Watch me on the news at 5:00 sharp.”

Jennifer hops up on the table and inserts the IV carefully. She starts the machine and lays down. The familiar warm rush enters her veins and she smiles satisfied, “they thought I couldn’t do this.” Jennifer feels something unusual, she feels warm, warmer, she begins to sweat. The vein on her neck is throbbing, it turns green as the gamma b.loo.d enters her brain. She breathes heavily, something is wrong. She looks at her hand, her vision in blurred, there are vein veins growing down her throbbing hand. Her feet begin to grow, her muscles growing in her calves and thighs. Her feet bust through her heels. Her chest rises and falls with her panicked breathing, her breasts begin to grow, soft and supple, to firm, full, muscular breasts. Her breasts pop the buttons of her blouse. Her skin begins to flush green, her muscles continue to grow, the green accentuating the definition of her abs, biceps, glutes, and quads. She feels a rush throughout her body, a complete change, as her chocolate brown eyes turn to green. She calms down and looks at her new body.

She stretches her new body with a new outlook, she is in control, no longer frantic, angry, or worried. She stretches her new body and admires the sensuality of her new muscular shape. Her feminine face looks over her muscular shoulder, down her back, and admires her firm ass. She is a muscular goddess, pure perfection, she is strong, confident, and somehow she understands her new body well. She can become the She Hulk, she can go back to being Jennifer, she has transformed her mind and body. She will go to work, but first she will find that bitch, her colleague, who ran her off the road. She will meet the new Jennifer Walters as She Hulk”

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