Missa X - Watch Your Home Get Wrecked II (Cuckquean)
Includes: Fucking, wife watches husband choose his Mistress over her, facial

Brianne texted Missa from her husband’s phone, “you need to come home right away, it an emergency.” Missa called her husband but he was too busy being his Mistress’ fuck toy to answer the phone. Missa comes home and sees the two in the bed, she’s shocked, angry, and Brianne takes over.

Brianne thinks it’s time she knows who the better woman is, and she wants Missa to watch her fuck her husband. Her husband is nervous, and watches wide wide eyes, as his wife’s heart is broken. Brianne is horny, powerful, and loves that her slave is choosing HER, the mistress, over his own wife. Missa pleads with her husband, “please don’t ruin our family,” but Brianne wickedly pulls her by the hair to give her a better glipse of her young pussy fucking her husband’s cock. “It’s mine now,” she purrs.

Missa feels powerless over Brianne, she doesn’t know why she can’t move. “Why do I obey her every order?” Brianne even makes Missa swallow the husband’s wedding ring while the cock is deep inside her pulsating pussy. “Yes, Mistress,” Missa replies. Brianne cums twice, and Missa’s husband is still raging hard. Brianne jerks the cock into Missa’s mouth. Brianne, “I’m taking your spot on the bed.”

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