A wealthy family of four sat together in their living room. They were: Grace, the conservative mom; Misty, the shy, virginal daughter. Joe, the rich, entrepreneur father; and Aaron, the level-headed son, and VP of the family company. For some time they talked excitedly about their upcoming vacation. Then Aaron left to run an errand. A short while later the family received an uninvited visit from an eccentric inventor. His name was Frank and he had come to Joe in hopes of getting him to invest in a mind-control program that he had developed. He claimed that it could be used to make a person do anything – and could even wipe memories. Although Joe was skeptical of Frank’s claims, he allowed him to come inside give a demonstration. Frank seated himself opposite Grace and Misty and started entering codes on his laptop to trigger a powerful, mind-controlling signal. While doing so, he asked Joe a couple of test questions: first, who was the most loyal woman he knew; second, who was the most innocent. Joe did not hesitate to name his wife for the former, and his daughter for the latter. Frank then asked Joe if he believed that Grace could ever cheat on him or that Misty would behave promiscuously. Joe was irritated and offended by the strange line of questioning. He told Frank that both his wife and his daughter were models of virtue. It was unthinkable that they should misbehave. Frank responded by asking Grace if she would let him feel her tits. The upright wife gasped in horror. He quickly followed up by asking Misty if she would give him a blowjob. A furious Joe was about to throw him out of the house when Frank pressed one last key on his lap top. In an instant, the mind-control program took effect. The attitudes of father, mother and daughter became relaxed and obedient with startling suddenness. It was exactly as Frank had expected. Now he was to prove the worth of his invention – by showing Joe how his wife had transformed from a loyal prude into an adulterous slut; and how his daughter had changed from a frigid virgin to a wanton nymph. Joe had no problem with that. He had become cooperative under the program‘s influence. At a mere command from Frank, the two women willingly stripped out of their dresses to give him an eyeful of their hot bodies and beautiful tits. Next they knelt down together in front of him and started jerking and sucking on his big hard cock. Mother and daughter shared the man-meat for a long time – smearing it with their wet lips, covering every inch with their licking tongues, competing to see which of them could take it furthest down their throat. Joe observed their slutty passion with uneasy curiosity. It was a surreal experience for him to see his once-honest wife and his formerly-wholesome daughter eagerly taking Frank’s shooting cum over their faces and into their open mouths. Whatever doubts he had about the mind-control program were ended at that moment. Clearly it was a thing of limitless potential that could make a person do anything. Fully won over by the demonstration, he agreed to meet Frank later that day at his office. Frank was delighted. Before he left, he entered a code on his laptop to ensure that Grace and Misty would put their clothes back on, clean up their cum-glazed faces, and forget every detail of what had taken place. On the way out he gave Joe a courtesy copy of the program. Not long after, Aaron returned home from his errand. Joe was eager to tell his VP son all about Frank’s invention. Little did he know it, but his mind had been permanently corrupted by the experience. He wanted Aaron to join him in a second try-out of the program – partly so that the young man could see the results for himself, and partly because Joe was turned on by the thought of Aaron fucking his own mom and sister. Aaron deferred to his father but he did not believe for a second that this program could control minds. However, he ran the program, entered the necessary code, and went with his father to see Grace and Misty. Just as before, the two women turned totally sexual on command. Joe got things started by having Grace suck his cock for a while. When he saw that Aaron was not quite convinced of the program’s power, he told his wife to turn her attention to him. Grace cheerfully went down on her son without a moments hesitation. Meanwhile, Misty stepped in to fill her mother’s shoes. Wet, smacking sounds of blowjobs filled the air, mingled with the moans of the men – a father praising his daughter’s lip action; a son amazed at his mother’s hungry deep-throating. Aaron needed no more persuading. From there on in the sex-antics quickly snowballed. Grace and Misty stripped naked and lay back with their legs parted. Aaron licked out his mother and then got a second, even hotter blowjob from her in return. Father and daughter enjoyed the same exchange nearby. Soon Aaron was fucking Grace and Frank was fucking Misty – both couple in the missionary position. It was a long passionate session, full of forbidden grunts and groans of pleasure. In time the men took their women from behind. While Frank was driving his daughter crazy with the thrusts of his big cock, he urged complimented his son for the excellent pounding he was giving his mother. In the final phase, Joe fucked his wife long and deep on her back while Aaron got it on with his sister – thoroughly working out her hot pussy in the cowgirl and doggy positions. Mother and daughter were so full of lust that they even kissed a while and sucked each other’s tits. The orgy drew to a close with Aaron blowing his cum all over his mother’s big tits while Frank did the same to his daughter’s own perky pair. Afterwards, the men went off and set the mind-control program so that neither Grace or Misty would remember their taboo fuck. They would return to being their shy and conservative selves. There would be no such ignorance for Joe and Aaron. Father and son intended to use Frank’s invention to get all the money and pussy they could dream of

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