It’s another round of remote control fun when Nickel decides to use the device once again on the beautiful Brooke in two separate storylines. First Nickel is bored and uses the remote to instantly teleport Brooke from the sidewalk into his living room. First he freezes her the moment she appears. Next, he uses the remote to program Brooke to be a runway model and to perform a striptease – all while freezing, rewinding and fast-forwarding the unsuspecting damsel! Once he’s had his fill of entertainment, he poses Brooke into a walking position and teleports her out of the room.

In the next story, Brooke is berating Nickel for forgetting their anniversary. When she storms out of the apartment, Nickel uses the remote to extensively rewind Brooke and freezing her in the middle of her angry words. He uses this opportunity to rush out to buy her an anniversary gift, places it in her frozen hand and unfreezing her. Brooke is thrilled to see the gift in her hand and coos Nickel with all sorts of sweet talk. All the while, Nickel freezes and rewinds Brooke to his satisfaction! This movie contains plenty of freezes, fastforwards and rewinds throughout.

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