Starli and Brock – Brock has just received his new Starli-Bot, he activates her and tells her to step out of the box, he starts to feel her body and tells her to refer to him as Master, then he tells her to put on some high heels he has picked out. She puts the shoes on, then he takes a bunch of books and throws them all over the floor and tells her to pick them up, she responds “Yes Master” and picks up the books, then her tells her to dust the book shelf. He tells her to put on a corset and panties and orders her sweep the floor and only respond to him in Japanese, and she responds with “Hai Masutā”. He has her sit down next to him and vibrate her hand on his crotch, shortly after he cums inside of his jeans, embarrassed, he starts to kiss her and tells her to change her clothes. After she has changed, he tells her to dance for him, and she starts to do the robot, he tells her to dance sexy and give him a lap dance. Starli-Bot dances very sexy and grinds her body on him, until he accidentally cums in his pants again, and he tells her to get back into the box.

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