Ashley Fires is friends with Lance’s girlfriend, who is about to break up with him. Ashley tells Lance that he’s
about to get dumped if he doesn’t learn how to please her in bed…

Knowing that Lance doesn’t want his girlfriend to leave, Ashley takes advantage of him by making him worship her ass in her leggings while she humiliates him verbally. She sits on his face and rides him, telling him he needs to learn how eat pussy without thinking about his own cock.

Then Ashley pulls a vibrator out of the sofa, telling Lance that this is what his girlfriend has to resort to because he can’t please her. She masturbates while sitting on his face until she cums, then shoves the vibrator down his pants and orders him not to move until she gets back…

Ashley returns to Lance who still has a vibrator going on full blast to his cock and balls. She is wearing lingerie, a big strap-on, and is carrying a large container of anal lube. Ashley makes him strip, then puts him against the wall and rails his ass. At first he squirms from
the big strap-on, but Ashley quickly has him begging for more.

She fucks him on his back and tell him to stroke his own cock, but tells him he’s not allowed to cum. “It’s about her pleasure, not yours!”

Then she flips him over and gives him the sweet dick from behind. She sensually fucks him until he’s twitching from pleasure, and dying to release. She grabs the vibrator and pushes is hard into his taint while she fucks him driving him crazy.

Ashley just rode Lance’s face until she came, fucked his ass until he begged her for more, now she’s going to let him cum. But it won’t be easy. She teases his cock with just two fingers, making him twitch and moan. She grabs and pulls on his balls, squeezing while she toys with his hard cock. She gets him right to the edge and asks him if he’s ready to cum.

When he begs her for release, she gets on her knees, looks up at him smiling with evil eyes and puts her beautiful lips around the head of his cock while he explodes in her mouth. Ashley grabs his balls, stands up, and while he’s gasping from her grip around his nuts
she opens her mouth over his, trickling his own cum in to his mouth.

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