Scene 1

Rachel is a successful and high-living business woman. Stepson and stepdaughter, Lance and Angel, come back to live with her after they lose their jobs. Rachel grants them just a small allowance because she is unimpressed by their lazy attitude. Lance eventually interviews for a job and gets it. He calls in at his stepmother’s office and spies her fucking a delivery man. He and Angel use this information to threaten her into upping their allowances and other privileges. Shortly after, Lance learns that Angel made out with a couple of men at a party. He says he’ll tell their dad unless she performs a few sexual favors on him. The young man’s grows so emboldened that he ends up making his stepmother join him for a threesome.

Scene 2

Rachel and her stepson Brad are very close. Their friendship has grown out of the mutual unhappiness they experience from living with Brad’s grouchy father. As time passes, the couple being to feel a deep sexual attraction to one another. Brad temporarily satisfies his need for Rachel by jerking off while imagining fucking her and having her suck his cock. Later Rachel enters Lance’s room, and the young man gets to enjoy her for real.

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