Scene 1

Dear Diary,

As you know I’ve always been pretty sexual but since I started school I’ve been masturbating a lot more. The other night I was playing with myself in the tub and suddenly I started moaning Daddy and imagining sucking his cock. The fantasy got even more intense as I pictured him fucking me in the living room. I came soo hard I’m glad nobody was home. I feel ashamed and a bit dirty thinking about Daddy that way but my god it gets me hot.

Scene 2

Dear Diary,

My lustful thoughts of Daddy became an obsession and before long I was out of control. I came home really late one night knowing Daddy would be up to punish me. Sure enough he began spanking me and instead of screaming I moaned. That made Daddy do something he hasn’t done in yes, he tickled me. Even though I was laughing and struggling it gave me the perfect opportunity to get Daddy aroused.
I kept sneaking rubs in on his crotch until he was hard then I pounced on his cock like a kitten and before his cock was in my mouth he was mine. Once he was wet enough I cautioned him to be gentle then got on his lap. Daddy fulfilled my every fantasy that night including fucking me on the ottoman. Luckily Mom took her meds before bed so my screams didn’t get her attention. Daddy got a bit carried away though and came inside me….. I’m not on the pill but you can’t get pregnant the first time can you?

Scene 3

Dear Diary,

I took every possible opportunity to explore my sexuality with Daddy including dressing in sexy lingere and surprising him in bed. Daddy liked my stockings a lot and even kissed my feet while he fucked me slowly.
Erotic as that was I wanted him to take me further and fuck me hard. Daddy obliged and fucked me rather roughly and even puled my hair which surprisingly made me cum hard. That time he did remember to pull out at least but it was way too late.
After mom found out I was pregnant she ordered a paternity test on the fetus and the DNA matched my stepdad. Mom disappeared that night and we haven’t heard from her since. I can’t wait til the baby is born so daddy can knock me up again, I like being pregnant.

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