Amadahy, Kendall and Noe - Humiliate Ugly Dork (Part 2)
The loser continues to worship Amadahy’s feet. She thrusts her feet into the dork’s little mouth. He gets passed to Kendall, next. Kendall makes the stupid loser beg to lick her feet. Please Princess, it begs. Its so funny when it tries to talk! Kendall thrusts her foot deeply into the little loser. The dork worships Noe’s feet next. When they have all finished, they tell the dork to lie on the floor. Noe stands on the dork’s chest as Amadahy holds its mouth open. All three Princesses spit into its mouth. Amadahy fucks the loser’s face with her foot while Noe stands on his chest and abdomen. Kendall plays with the loser’s tiny chastity. Amadahy reminds the dork that he’s utterly hopeless. They will never be seen with him in public. The Princesses leave the loser naked and in chastity on the floor. They head out to get martinis.

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