Bonnie Grey, Cassandra Cain - Bonnies Booty
Bonnie Grey had a nervous breakdown after Levi, the MILF hunter, dumped her for a mature experienced mom. Bonnie took all of the clothing that Levi had at her house and tossed them into a bonfire. She also threw in a portrait of his that use to sit by her nightstand. Bonnie cursed the day that he seduced and fucked her like no other has. Cassandra, the sexy stepmom, overheard Bonnie crying and went to see what was going on. She noticed Bonnie’s fragile emotional state and persuaded her to go inside to talk it over. Soon after consoling her, Cassandra went tongue deep in Bonnie’s wet pussy and tight little asshole which made her temporarily forget about Levi.

Back at the house they start kissing and Cassandra licks Bonnie’s tits and proceeds to lick and finger her pussy. Bonnie returns the favor and licks and fingers her stepmom’s pussy. They switch back and forth a couple of times, then Cassandra eats out Bonnie from behind, including rimming. After that, they engage in tribbing, Bonnie on top.

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