Starring: Jessica Ryan, Trillium, Aaliyah Love

Andrew was watching a terrible B-movie on TV, and picked up a hand-wave – but it can’t really hypnotize women, can it?

the company boss couldnt sleep last night, so was watching some late-night bad B-Grade movie (details glossed over) and then, while at work the next day, is practicing a hypnotic wave gesture (which is supposed to put women into a trance) that he saw in the movie. A secretary discovers him doing it, and surprise, surprise, it actually works.

Of course he does the first thing any boss would do with his entranced secretary, and has her take down some “Dick-tation” with his pink-pencil and a slurpy blowjob ensues. Fade out before it goes too far, and its on to act two.

Enlisting his now conditioned secretaries help, he has her call in his ex-girlfriend (apparently one dick-pic was enough for her letter of resignation) for “something important”, and of course immediately adds her to his harem of hypnotised honeys with his magic finger wave. The Blonde & Black haired duo get down to it and a now its a double-team-tease blowjob which delivers some nice imagery before again fading out mid stream..(building up to it slowly) 🙂

The re-dressed sex-staffers then call in a not-quite-clear-who-she-is friend of theirs on some thin excuse, The boss does some more fingering (no, not that sort), and suddenly, hey – three isnt crowded at all – at least not in a king size bed.

An enthusiastic naked musical-positions game begins with a round robin of girl on girl, face sitting, fingers, blowjobs, doggy, riding, and more as they try out every combination you can think of in turn, before the boss finally gets all 3 of them to focus on his “job requirements”, and they get him to “fire” (for) them.

Some final post-coital/hypnotic programming to make sure the sex-etaries understand their new “roles” (fuck toy, adoring girlfriend, daily blowjobs) and its fade out time leaving us wondering if the purported B-Grade movie actually *was the vid we just watched.. 🙂

All in all, standard Daphne’s Fantasies fare, but nonetheless a nice presentation, who said fantasies have to be believable ? 🙂

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