Jaye Summers - Juicy Jaye
Teen Jaye Summers came by and wanted to get right down to business. She hated all the small talk and just wanted to slide a big cock into her mouth and pussy as soon as possible! The talking came to an abrupt end once she had the chance to pull Sean’s pants down and see his bulbous boner! She admitted it was the biggest dick she ever had. Now she’s on a quest to outdo her “personal best”.

after the initial interview, she pulls her panties to the side and she spreads and plays with her pussy. Sean fingers her pussy and Jaye starts sucking his huge cock, she is amazed by it’s size and compares it to her forearm. She contunes to suck the cock and balls and then her hairy pussy is fucked from behind in doggy style on a chair. She gets a taste of her wet pussy off his cock before they resume stretching out her pussy in missionary. They switch positions to cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and more doggy style. She kneels down in front of him to give him a blowjob and handjob, he cums on her face and she moans as the warms drops of cum hits her skin and continues to suck him some more until scene fades.

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