Luna Star - Luna Loves Anal

Let us be unequivocal: Latina phenom Luna Star loves to get fucked in the ass. Known for her ability to absorb a ferocious pounding, Luna’s asshole can withstand 4000 pounds of pressure per square inch, which is roughly commensurate to the bite of an adult great white. Today English toy boy Keiran Lee puts Luna’s booty to the ultimate test with his impervious ram rod, a highly specialized meat sword designed to slay even the most intimidating of derrières.

Luna sucks Keiran outside a barn and gets fucked in doggy style shortly after. She lies down and gets her pussy licked, then she is fucked in anal missionary. After a while, he pulls out to finger her hard, which makes her squirt. They fuck some more in anal missionary before she goes ass-to-mouth and sucks his cock and balls. The anal rodeo continues in cowgirl, doggy, sideways and reverse cowgirl, including more ass-to-mouth. He eats her out again and fucks her in the ass some more in missionary until he cums, first in her ass, then quickly switching to her pussy, giving her a double creampie!





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