Riley Jenner is desperate for a job so when she walks into an office to apply for a position, she’s heartbroken when it appears the boss, Charles Dera, has no time for her. Luckily for Ms. Jenner, the busty and seductively dressed Ava Addams is willing to show her how this office really operates: a lot of cleavage will get you far! Ava then brings the revamped tramp into her boss’ office for a proper introduction—full of double blowjobs and tittyfucks of course! Will this new appli-cunt be able to impress Mr. Dera with her sexy skills, or will Ms. Addams have to teach her further slut training techniques? Riley starts off with giving Charles a blowjob as he lays on his desk, then Ava joins in to share blowjob duties. The ladies mix in a little kissing with some titfuck action as well. Next they each giving Charles a footjob, then he performs cunnilingus on Ava. The ladies take turns getting penetrated in different positions with plenty of lesbian and oral action throughout, including reverse cowgirl (Ava and Riley), standing doggy (Riley), missionary (Ava and Riley), side (Ava), and doggy (Riley) before they share a cumshot on their breasts and play with it afterwards.

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