Casey goes to see the doctor about a strange problem she’s having: her girlfriend says her ass tastes like cherry pie. The doctor has Casey describe to him in vivid detail exactly what her girlfriend does to her body. Still unsure how to diagnosis her problem, Dr. Corvus must taste her ass too!

He starts examining her breasts, by kissing and touching them. He then licks her clean shaved pussy and turns her around to eat her ass. She gives him a POV-style blowjob, then gets ass-fucked from behind. She does some ass-to-mouth cock-sucking before returning to anal standing doggy. More ass-to-mouth is performed, then anal cowgirl on the examining table. She turns around to positions herself for an anal reverse cowgirl. She gives him a footjob and then she gets ass-fucked in missionary, scene ends with Casey on her knees receiving a facial from the good doctor and a little post-cumshot blowjob

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