Two women dressed as maids discuss how they got that way. Ryan Mclane is shown implanting Lexi Lowe with a chip, then fucking her in several scenes. Lowe calls her friend Trillium, whom the pair quickly implant. Mclane then fucks Trillium while Lexi Lowe watches. In another scene, Mclane makes the women make out, and makes Trillium masturbate. Mclane then fucks them both and cums on their backs. Finally, we return to the “maids'” conversation and the credits roll.

Original Description: Richard (Ryan Mclane) comes home to let his girlfriend Lynne (Lexi Lowe) know that he’s made a breakthrough… a chip that can control people! She’s a bit shocked, but not as shocked as when he implants one into her. But soon, she’s an eager participating, including getting a chip into her friend Tabitha (Trillium)…

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