Parker wanted to spend some quality time with her stepdaughter Lolo so she told her she wasn’t allowed to hang out with her friends and instead to stay home and hang out with her. Kylie, Her sorority sister from her college days, was coming by to meet her and she wanted to make sure she was around. Lolo was bored beyond belief but as soon as Kylie showed up and started putting the moves on her things really began to get interesting. Parker was none the wiser as she prepared a meal for them to eat and Kylie was fondling her stepdaughter and making her gush all over her tongue.
In the kitchen, Dylan caresses Lolo’s panties, shows off her pussy and fondles her tits. She puts Lolo on the table and starts to lick her ass and pussy. Then, Lolo licks Dylan’s pussy on the chair. The action continue on the couch in living room, where, after a while, Kylie joins them. They kiss, fondle, finger, lick the pussy, and stimulate the clitoris one to each other, until they reach orgasms.

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