Just because their parents are married doesn’t mean this will stop Karlee Grey from fucking her step brother Ryan McLane. Karlee forges a plan, seeking advise from her bestie over the phone figuring out how she can convince Ryan there was nothing wrong fucking a step sibling. Karlee figures the best way into his heart would be to massage him since she’s been practicing from home and he works out at the gym and surely he can use a good rub down after an intense workout.

Ryan walks into their home, sore from a pulled shoulder only to see Karlee on a massage table half naked. Confused and almost grossed out seeing his step sister like this, he asks her what the heck was her deal. Karlee plays it cool, saying she was waiting for a friend to pass by and didn’t know he was going to be home so early. She notices Ryan looking in pain and tells Karlee he keeps messing it up at the gym. Still troubled with looking at Karlee almost naked,and wanting out of the situation, tells her he’s going to hop in the shower. She jumps on this as her only chance to lure him with her charm and massage skills. Being weirded out with the whole situation, Ryan gives in just wanting the pain to go away.

Karlee Glides her hands over Ryan’s shoulders and back, focusing on the parts that hurt him. He was feeling much more at ease until Karlee asked him if he thought her breasts were too big. He couldn’t believe his own step sister was showing off her boobs! But he couldn’t resist cupping her huge natural breasts and touching her juicy ass. Karlee finally admitted this was all part of her plan to seduce him. She opens her mouth, stroking and sucking his erect cock, then asking him to suck on her sweet shaved pussy. Making her wet and tender, he sticks his penis into his step sister’s pussy grabbing her by the legs, forcing his cock to trust in and out of her. Ordering her to get on her knees, he cums all over her massive tits and face. Being absolutely satisfied he was eager to fuck her again, but this time it would be at a cost

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