Chrissy came in looking like a little rock star, a bonafide cool-chick with beautiful red hear and a care free, open minded attitude. She had a little experience modelling, mostly confined to art-school projects where she’d appear nude or student short-films. She had a way about her, an attitude, I liked her from the off. After learning a little more about her I asked her to show me her tits and although at first she was unsure of herself and a little coy, she eventually opened up and started to relax. I made my move almost right after she started to tell me about her first lesbian experience. We kissed and I was all over her, she wanted her hair pulled, she wanted to be eaten, she wanted to be fucked by a woman and I gave it to her during this hot and passionate lesbian casting!

Two girls talk and talk is finally over and they get to the chase. Whitney licks Chrissy juicy pussy and then tells her to turn, pulls her hair and finger her pussy. Then Chrissy back service to Whitney by licking and fingering her pussy. Whitney tells her she will find her job.

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