Illustrious Rouge is bound with pantyhose by her co-worker. She is released form her hogtie and has the pantyhose removed from over her head. IR’s anger soon turns to confusion as her Co-worker explains that he has brought back the leftover pies from the party. He props her up against the bench. She thinks that it seems odd that he is going to feed her pie after he tied her up? Soon she knows what the pies are for. One by one he throws the pies in her face and on top her head. She is soon sitting with the remains of 10 pies on her face and lap. He gets out his camera and takes pics to show the sales department later. Her co-worker decides to clean her up a bit though. IR yelps and screams as he blasts her with ice cold water. He turns out the lights and leaves her sitting in a river of pudding water, in darkness.




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