gives a really sexy BJ; she sucks at an average pace but does lots of deepthroating including holding it as far down her throat as possible for extended periods of time; also worth noting that she seemed more eager than previous girls to get his pants off to start sucking him off
-sex started slow and picked up to a decent pace although it felt as if there was little chemistry between the performers; was only a small handful of times when the male talent really fucked her nice and hard
-vocal feedback left much to be desired from her as she was mostly quiet aside from a few heavy breaths and a few sighs here-and-there; her attention shifted focus equally between the camera and the male talent and facial expressions remained mostly static
-very interesting to note that POV doggy has been cut out in this episode as well as reverse cowgirl being shorter than normal, leading to a shorter than normal episode clocking in at just under 40 minutes
-scene ends with a cumshot in her mouth after she blows and jerks him off, another rarity for GDP
-no post interview and episode ends rather abruptly right after he cums in her mouth
-best position would have to be doggy, which makes the lack of POV doggy particularly disappointing
-there were notable positives and negatives with this week: the sex was decent but almost felt as if neither had good chemistry with one another which may explain all the edits; at times it felt as if she was more focused on the camera and was there solely for the paycheck rather than enjoying the sex; however there is no denying that she is a very sexy looking girl with an incredible body and despite feeling like she was going through the motions, was not necessarily a “dead fish”, plus admittedly gives a solid BJ and was very pleased to finally see the girl work for the cumshot at the end



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