“I was heading out to the beach to ride some jet skis with my pals and we saw Kristal staring aimlessly out to sea. I sparked up a conversation and she told me how her husband was out fishing with their kids. She was trying to relax and was bored out of her mind. She knew it was going to be an all day outing although her hubby told her it would only be for a few hours. She was so frustrated at how they all left her stranded so she jumped at the chance to come along with us and enjoy some company and jet skis. Once we got out there she really let it all hang out… literally. She got completely naked and started sucking me off. I love the revenge fuck but a revenge fuck at sea is the greatest ever. Forget Captain Ahab. She got her whale of a husband with one huge payback. I wonder what he is going to say when he finds out she is on this site.”
Kristal gets picked up on the beach, taken on a waterski ride, before stopping mid-ocean on the water-ski and having her pussy fingered, giving a blowjob and fucking missionary and cowgirl. Ends with a cumshot on her chest.

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