Lana and Jessica are very close, and they’re so lucky to have husbands that are very close, they get to have a girl’s night once every week while the guys go to Lodge. Jessica has been suspicious that her husband is lying about going to the lodge, and since he comes home exhausted and smelling of women’s perfume, she thinks he is cheating on her! Lana rolls her eyes sweetly at her suspicious friend, “Jessie, you’re being silly, now tell me what do you think about this this color,” as she finishes polishing Jessica’s pinky toe.

Jessica furrows her brow and wonders why it is that the guys are going out on a Sunday night. “Lana, the lodge is closed on Sundays.” Lana calls up to rest Jessica’s mind, but gets the answering machine. “Oh. my…. but my husband… he lied to me?” Jessica’s lips smile a vengeful smile, “I’ll bet they’re at Honey’s Strip Club.” Lana’s jaw is open in shock. Jessica grabs her coat and they speed off.

The girls enter the club and push their way to the front of the VIP entrance. The bouncer is a large man named Tank, taught since a young boy to respect women, and so when he sees the two classy ladies walking with purpose, he hesitantly allows them through. The girls sift through the curtains scanning for their husbands, each room had one or two scantily clad women, wiggling on poles and grinding their asses into the laps of their customers. The room in the back had a blonde with big fake tits, and Jessica saw their husbands! Lana gasped in disbelief, her hand over her mouth.

Jessica pushed the blonde out of the room as she stumbled in disbelief, “what’s going on,” she whined. Jessica began to rail her man hard, as Lana periodically asked her husband sadly, how could you?” Jessie’s husband began his mind control, taking control of her body first, and then her mind. He forced her to strip, dance, and Jessica didn’t understand what was going on until she saw her friend’s concern. Lana covered Jessica and begged the men to go home. They were zapped once more, and both women were taken under a trance.

Jessica’s complaining turned into dirty talk as she begged to be fucked. Lana found herself saying vulgar words as she stripped off her elegant lingerie. The girls looked at each other in lust and horror, still trying to fight the trance, as they touched each other, and remarked on how wet their pussies were. As much fun as the girls were having, they knew they couldn’t be satisfied unless they were penetrated, they needed to be fucked hard with a thick cock.

Derek slid a chair for Jessica to lay on and directed Lana to lay on top with his hand. Lana obeyed with a smile. Jessica and Lana offered their pink pussies to be fucked, one after the other, whichever flavor their master had a craving for, he could have. Jessica and Lana are strong women, and they periodically would fight the trance, but the trance becomes deeper when the girls orgasm. The girls whimpered and became more and more owned with each confessing orgasm. Lana had the pleasure of cumming last, her pussy pulsating, white hot cum spilling out of her tight, pink, swollen hole. The men left them there at the club to be fucked and used by the next patrons. The girls danced on the pole with doll eyes, deep in a trance

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