Violet Monroe is a single woman looking for a milking boy, she wants to be impregnated, but the idea of a traditional relationship was never her style. She much prefers a man who looks at her from below with fear and lust in his eyes as she teases him, taunts him, and makes his cock ache for her. She decides this particular boy might have a chance to see tomorrow, she gives him the gift of pleasure, her beautiful pussy is like a perfect flower and she rubs her wet pussy against his shaft while he grits his teeth. He knows that if he is to cum, it’s all over for him, but she is perfection, and he wants her to bestow more kindness to him.

He’s gagged so tightly but his eyes beg her “more, please, put the tip in.” Violet teases the tip of his cock and then her submissive little boy gets to have a little more of her heavenly pussy. Her eyes roll back in her head as she slowly eases onto him inch-by-inch. She rides him, she is sure to tell him of his new life as her captive milking boy, a prized position that surely anyone who looks into her mesmerizing eyes would crave. He cums when she tells him to, and she leaves him tied on the bed until the next session. He belongs to her, his cock is her’s, his life depends on how long he can please her, and he is terrified but loves it.




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