I’ve always wanted to be a Mommy but the cards never played out right for me to be a biological mother. I’ve fallen in love with an older, single father, and I love the idea of becoming a part of his family. We’re getting married! His oldest boy has been extremely helpful in planning the wedding, we’ve been spending a lot of time together, and I’m finding that I have a stronger connection with him than I ever had with his father. We subtly flirt back and forth with each other, but we both know that it’s wrong.

He’s staying with me in the hotel before the wedding, to save money, and to help me get ready for tomorrow. It’s not customary for the bride to see the groom 24 hours before the ceremony so his father is staying at a different hotel. He doesn’t know I have schemed a little plan to encourage us to get a little closer. I’ve set him up to see if he is attracted to me in the same way that I am attracted to him.

He helps me put on my wedding dress and takes a peek up the layers of tulle to see that I’m not wearing panties. It turns me on to seduce this young man and I give in. I shamelessly touch him, take him into my pussy, his sweet innocent eyes turn me on. I tell him to, “call me Mommy,” and he whispers “Mommy” as he thrusts in and out of my little pussy. He cums inside of me. I want more of him.

I want him to stand behind his father and watch me get married and remember his cock filling my mouth. He loves it when my sweet lips talk dirty to him. He breathes heavy as I bob my head up and down on his shaft, my green eyes locked on his. He cums in my mouth and I give him my own vow. I vow to sneak up to the top bunk, pull down his pj pants and make him cum whenever I can get away with it. I am going to be a phenomenal mother.”

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