Naomi Nevena and Violette Pink are sitting together on the sofa when Naomi offers to make coffee. When she leaves the room, Violette grabs Naomi’s phone and starts checking for evidence that she still has feelings for her ex-girlfriend Sophia, who is now Violette’s partner. Naomi catches her, and after a tense conversation, admits that she’s actually attracted to her, not Sophia. She kisses Violette, who responds without much hesitation, seemingly unaware that Naomi is taking pictures on her phone of their compromising behaviour. Violette strips Naomi down to her stockings and licks her hungrily, sliding a couple of fingers inside to intensify the sensations as Naomi rubs her own clit. Naomi raises her legs high and Violette thrusts a finger into her ass, adding a second to stretch her open and then turning her onto her knees and fucking her ass with a ridged dildo. After Naomi comes hard, she undresses Violette and kneels to eat her pussy, fingering her frantically, then pushes her onto her back to lick her until she’s gasping with excitement. Violette sits astride Naomi and rides her fingers to an orgasm. But it seems Naomi had another motive for the seduction beyond pure lust…

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