Nollie came from Louisiana and wanted to make it big in adult movies so we invited her in to sit on the casting couch and audition. We gave her the heads up and told her to come ready to fuck and show us what she could do. She showed up and delivered way beyond our expectations. She’s the kind of carefree girl that is basically willing to do anything to please her partner. Her first time went well and I’m sure we’re going to be seeing more of her in the coming years. After the pleasantries are out of the way, Nollie begins masturbating with the aid of a magic wand. Her male counterpart enters the scene and watches, and soon her pants are ripped at the crotch and he performs cunnilingus along with some fingering. She rubs on her clit briefly before giving him a blowjob that includes deepthroating, then she is penetrated in different positions including reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, doggy, and missionary with some blowjob action and more toy play mixed in. The scene wraps up after he pulls out, sits on her waist and drops his cumshot on her.

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