Sunny Lane has the bouciest butt around! You just want to shove your face between these 2 giant butt cheeks, she looks just so delicious, they’re the perfect size for any hands! She likes to bounce it on big hard cocks, can you blame her? She could probably get away with murder with an ass like that!

Anyway, the scene progresses naturally through oral for Manual, vaginal sex in cowgirl and spoon, while the anal is presented in spoon, doggie, reverse cowgirl and the final position before Manual cums when he and Sunny face and hold each other on the couch. This position was marvelous, to be able to watch him as he switches from her pussy to her ass their eyes locked on one other, the kissing and just a great genuine energy displayed. Even after Manual cums, he is still erect enough to spend a few more minutes in her ass, doggie-style, proving that he just could not get enough of her!

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