This young gentleman came into the office looking for modelling work. He had recently lost his job and was desperate for money to pay his rent. Now this guy was not my usual type but I had been horny all day long and I was craving some cock to stuff into my tight pussy.
We went through the standard questions and then I asked him to remove his clothes so I could see his body. He certainly wasn’t the muscular type but I was more focused on the bulge in his underwear. He looked like he was packing some serious meat down there, all I had to do was get it out. When I asked him about doing erotica he declined at first, but knowing how desperate he was for money I showed him what money I had there in my office, telling him he could earn all of that and more by agreeing to let me test him.
Once he saw the money he wanted it even more so he agreed to the casting. I got him to sit on the couch and then I strode over to him, pulled down my panties and whilst still standing, ordered him to start licking my pussy. He tentatively took to the task and his tongue flickered all over my pussy. It felt good but now I wanted a taste of that long cock he had brought with him so I drew him into my mouth and gave him one of the best blowjobs of his life.
It was time to try out this mans stamina and he began to fuck my pussy in doggy style. His cock felt good as it stroked in and out of me, but then just as we got going, he lost his erection. I decided to play with myself with a dildo to try and help him get erect again and it soon worked and his cock was back in my pussy in the missionary position. I had an amazing orgasm as he fucked me in this position, and shortly after he started grunting like a bison stuck in quicksand.
This cheeky stud has just emptied a massive load of cum into my pussy. I had been cream-pied. With a sigh I told him I would not be giving him any money but that I’d be in touch. I had to clean this sticky mess up before my next appointment. This vid is kind of lame but has a great big creampie.

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