MIstress Madeline is looking for a new housemate. In fact she is looking to get $2000 a month for her rather down at heel San Francisco basement. The going rate apparently. After showing her guest around Madeline learns that Kristen Price has just started to work at a diner close by and is looking for somewhere to live as she is living out of her car at present. $2000 a month..? on a waitresses wage? Well, I’m sure they can come to some sort of arrangement… even if it is a little unorthodox.

So our perspective landlord starts to sound Kirsten out. How desperate is she? How far would she go to make up the shortfall in the rent? Let’s see, shall we…

After spanking Kirsten until her ass cheeks are glowing red Madeline starts fingering our hapless waitress before working her up with the Hitachi. Next she tests out her perspective tenant’s oral skills. It seems she passed the audition.

Tied and flogged Kirsten eventually gets tongued in the asshole before Madeline gets out some industrial looking toys to further test Kirsten’s abilities.

Finally we join the girls once Maitresse Madeline has Kirsten tied and chained to a bench, ball-gaged. In this position Kirsten receives a hard pounding in both holes from the strap-on Madeline wields.

Sadly, too many landlords fuck their tenants in the ass these days. I guess the tenants wouldn’t mind so much if Maitresse Madeline were their landlord and she brought her special brand of payment scheme to the table.

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